On the other hand, in case Joe Manganiello was successful in getting the rebooted Wolverine role, I have another X-Men character whom Ben Affleck might be even better suited for. I say this especially because after years of encompassing doom and gloom as Batman, he might be in the mood for something a bit lighter, which is a slightly ironic thing to say about my next Marvel character choice.

In the wake of the Disney/Fox merger and discussions of the MCU’s X-Men movies reboot, there is surprisingly little talk regarding who should play Dr. Henry “Hank” McCoy, otherwise known as Beast, after Nicolas Hoult. Maybe it’s because most fans would rather assume Kelsey Grammer would return to the role, which was perfect casting I would love to see revitalized. However, a soft-spoken genius in the body of an animalistic action hero is a challenge Ben Affleck deserves the opportunity to take on for once in his career.


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