The Screenplay Was Co-Written By Angela Russo-Otstot, Joe And Anthony Russo’s Sister

When Joe and Anthony Russo get together to make a film, it’s already a family affair. The sibling filmmakers have been collaborating together for decades now, and they’re expanding their family outreach with their latest film. That’s because Cherry is co-written by Angela Russo-Otstot, i.e. Joe and Anthony Russo’s sister. The scribe has previously written for shows like The Shield, Trust Me, V, Day Break, and E-Ring, but Cherry will serve as her first produced feature screenplay. She can also be seen in Joe and Anthony Russo’s Welcome to Collinwood and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Additionally, it should be noted that Angela Russo-Otstot penned this film adaptation alongside Jessica Goldberg, who served as the creator of Hulu’s The Path and wrote episodes of Parenthood, Away, and Deception. Goldberg’s other film credits include Alex of Venice and Refuge. Certainly, Cherry is one of the biggest projects that either screenwriter has worked on to date, and it’ll likely be a big boost for Russo-Otstot.


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