Armed With A Bomb And A $200,000 Ransom Note, D.B. Cooper Hijacked A Boeing 727 On Thanksgiving Eve

For the passengers and flight crew aboard the Boeing 727 taking off from Portland, Oregon for Seattle, Washington on November 24, 1971, everything seemed like it would be a routine 30-minute flight between the two cities. But then a flight attendant by the name of Florence Schaffner received a very strange note from an unassuming man in a black suit claiming to be D.B. Cooper, which read, in all capital letters, that he had a bomb and requested she sit next to him. After examining the bomb for herself, the young flight attendant was told that when they plane reached its destination, D.B. Cooper wanted $200,000 in cash, four parachutes, and a fuel truck to add fuel, and if anything seemed off, he would detonate the bomb.


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