Beat Shazam Season 4 – TBA (Announced)

In addition to all his various acting commitments, Jamie Foxx hosts Fox’s game show, Beat Shazam. Also, if you’re like me, it’s very amusing that Foxx has a show on Fox. But no matter. This fast-money competition series finds three teams of two players competing through several rounds to identify songs, earning money for each correct answer. The highest-scoring team then goes head-to-head (or, rather, head-to-machine) against the Shazam app, pushing their luck to see if they can identify the song before Shazam. Any team that beats Shazam through all six rounds wins $1,000,000. Not a bad way to earn a whole lot of money.

Certainly, Beat Shazam has earned a steady stream of viewers throughout its first three seasons, and it’s been renewed for a fourth since January. But when the game show, which Foxx also produces, returns isn’t clear.


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