I think I can safely say by this point that Mark Ruffalo is pretty much capable of anything. The man has been nominated for a current total of three Academy Awards, recently won his first Emmy, and, as far as I am concerned, is the first actor to give us a big screen version of The Incredible Hulk worth giving much of a damn about. Thus, I am quite thankful that his tenure with the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not expired just yet.

Considering the debilitating effect that wearing the Infinity Gauntlet to reverse the Decimation had on Bruce Banner, even in permanent Hulk-mode, Avengers: Endgame seemed like the 53-year-old Wisconsin native’s way of officially bidding his days of saving the world adieu. While It is true that no big screen MCU installments can be seen on Mark Ruffalo’s resume of forthcoming projects, there is at least one comic book-related title that we can expect to see him in. I only say “at least one comic book-related title” because there could be another Marvelous appearance of his that we simply do not have confirmation of at the moment.


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